TDoR 1977 / 1977 / March / 15 / Harvey Aberles

Harvey Aberles

Age 27

15 Mar 1977
New York (USA)

TDoR list ref: 1975/Harvey Aberles

Harvey Aberles
Harvey Aberles

Harvey was a decorated hero of the Vietnam War who was shot by the NYPD after an altercation on a golf course on a foggy morning.

The police claimed that they may have been under the influence of drugs as they were shouting at officers, and armed with a handgun, lunging at officers, refusing to give up.

The Nassau County police said yesterday that a 27‐year‐old Queens [person], who won high decorations in the Vietnam war, might have been under the influence of drugs when [they]e died in a barrage of police fire Saturday night on the Lawrence, L. I., Golf Course.

The police said the officers opened tire when the [person], dressed in women's clothing and shouting epithets, lunged at them with a gun despite their warnings to give himself up. Eighteen shots were said to have been fired by the police on the dark, foggy course.

According to Frank Klecak, the Nassau Chief of Detectives, an autopsy on the dead [person], Harvey Aberle of 71–26 Parsons Boulevard in Flushing, found “some undissolved and some dissolved capsules” in the stomach. He said the body had been identified by an aunt. Carol Jacobs of 2 Sutton Place in Manhattan.

Drag Magazine, Vol 6, Num 24

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