TDoR 1992 / 1991 / October / 14 / Huriell "Gypsy" Lockett (David King)

Huriell "Gypsy" Lockett (David King)

Age 28

14 Oct 1991
Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

TDoR list ref: Oct 1991/Huriell

Huriell "Gypsy" Lockett (David King)

Gypsy was shot near Ashby Street. No other information is known.

In 1991, Woodrow "Jean" Powell, 33, a chemist, was found shot in the back in the 300 block of Ashby Street; Hurriell Lockett, 28, was found shot near Ashby Street; and Ronnie Dean Lyles, 30, a well-known female impersonator, was found shot in the head beside Interstate 85 in DeKalb County.

As of last month, police had not solved any of the cases or confirmed any connection be tween them. A different caliber weapon was used in each of the first four slayings.

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