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Ali He'shun Forney

Age 22 (born 12 Apr 1975)

5 Dec 1997
New York (USA)

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Ali He'shun Forney
Ali He'shun Forney [photo:]

Ali was found with a gunshot wound to the head by police on the sidewalk in front of a housing project on East 131st Street in Harlem at 4 a.m. on 5th December 1997.

According to The New York Times at that time, Forney was the third young transgender sex worker murdered in Harlem in fourteen months. The killing has never been solved.

Over seventy people attended Forney's memorial service.

When homeless teens die in New York City, a memorial service is held at a Times Square church.

Ordinarily, it is in a small sanctuary. But when 75 people--street kids, outreach workers and the Forney family--showed up, Ali's memorial was moved into the church's main sanctuary.

One by one, people paid tribute to Ali. Some called him Luscious.

Robledo, who still keeps Ali's lapsed life insurance policy in her desk, said some words. So did friends from Safe Space, which recently announced it will open a special home for transgendered youths, the Ali Forney House.

The year of his death, Ali had closed the talent show singing, "God loves everybody for who they are." At the service, Siciliano closed the book on his life saying the same words.

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