TDoR 1999 / 1999 / March / 30 / Tracy Thompson

Tracy Thompson

Age 33

30 Mar 1999
Cordele, Georgia (USA)

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Tracy Thompson
Tracy Thompson [photo:]

Tracy died from head injuries, most likely caused by a baseball bat.

Before daybreak on March 30, 1999, Tracey Thompson stumbled up to a house in tiny Seville, Ga. and banged on the door. Bleeding from the head, she asked for water, a blanket and a place to rest. The residents called 911 and some 10 hours after Thompson arrived at a local hospital she was dead.

Eighteen years later, her killing remains unsolved. Authorities are still searching for a break in the case which, at the time, attracted national attention because Thompson — also known as [deadname] Turner — was transgender.

On a dirt road about a half mile from the farmhouse where Thompson sought help, authorities found blood and shattered pieces of a baseball bat. But it didn’t lead them to the killer.

A drifter known to hitchhike across Georgia’s interstates and spend time at truck stops, Thompson lived on the fringes. She had a long criminal history for non-violent charges such as criminal trespass and drunken driving and served some time in prison for theft, Weathersby said.

Thompson was from Dalton in north Georgia, although she also had lived in Miami and Ft. Meyers, Florida, Weathersby said. How she ended up in in a rural area — some 75 miles south of Macon — is unknown. But relatives and friends told authorities Thompson would visit friends and family in Florida, sometimes staying six months to a year. It wasn’t unusual for her to hitchhike on the interstates accessible to Dalton and Wilcox County, Weathersby said.

On her death bed, Thompson told authorities she’d been struck repeatedly with a baseball bat by an ex-boyfriend. But agents tracked him down and learned he was out of town at the time. He’s been ruled out as a suspect, Weathersby said.

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