TDoR 2002 / 2002 / June / 16 / Casandra Aybar

Casandra Aybar

Age 19

16 Jun 2002
Pozo El Mistol, Catamarca (Argentina)

Casandra Aybar

Casandra's body was found wrapped in a sheet on a neighborhood road. She had been raped, beaten and then stabbed several times.

Casandra, was murdered on June 16, 2002, her body was found by a lumberjack in the town of Pozo Mistol , Valle Viejo, Catamarca. She was only 19 years old. Originally from the Belen department, her family continues to live with the uncertainty of knowing who killed their "son." Yes, it is that 16 years ago being trans or being gay meant total exclusion, there were no rights recognized by the State, but what has not changed is that the stigmatization, the hatred and discrimination still remain part of the daily lives of LGBT people in our province.

Casandra came to the "Great" City seeking to be free of a patriarchy that intensified every day more trying to correct, discipline her body, her identity. She came to finish high school, also looking for a job, but who hires a trans woman with a feminized body? No-one, so once again she was expelled, this time to exercise sex work as a means of survival, and there be exposed to being killed in the worst way.

We are in some way responsible for her death, that her dreams have not materialized, that she has not been able to fight for her rights, We remain responsible because her legal case is about to be prescribed. And the Judicial Power? Today more than ever we must pronounce ourselves for a more inclusive and equitable society that recognizes rights. Today let's remember Casandra Aybar . JUSTICE!

Her murder was not recorded on the official TDoR 2002 list collated by

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