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Precious Armani

Age 37

29 Feb 2004
Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

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Precious Armani

Precious was found with a gunshot wound to the head in the driver’s seat of a rented white Chevrolet Cavalier parked outside a high-rise apartment block.

Police would not say whether there had been a struggle.

Their solemn faces illuminated by the flicker of candles, about 60 people gathered for a vigil Monday night to remember Precious Armani, a [transgender] woman who was found shot to death outside a Buckhead apartment building [2400 Peachtree Road] two weeks ago.

Armani's death was the 10th known homicide of a [transgender] person in Atlanta and the 14th in the state since 1990 — placing Georgia fourth in the nation among states with the highest number of violent deaths of [transgender] people.

All 14 deaths remain unsolved, according to TransAction, an Atlanta-based transgender advocacy group.

And with police no closer to a motive in the Feb. 29 death of Armani, the vigil participants at Pershing Point Park in Midtown fear her death, too, may remain a mystery.

"These murders are just the most extreme results of transgender persecution here," said Asha Leong, a Buckhead resident who helped organize the vigil. "Merely existing as a transgender person in our society is a radical act, because there are challenges you face while doing ordinary things, like getting on a bus, that others don't."

While the Atlanta Police Department is saying little about the status of the investigation, Sgt. Connie Locke said police are aggressively pursuing the case.

Precious was a 37 year-old trans woman who had fully transitioned but had not undergone surgery. Her killer was never found.

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