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Mikey Vallejo-Seiber

Age 3 (born 12 Aug 2002)

29 Aug 2005
Riverside, California (USA)

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Mikey Vallejo-Seiber
Mikey Vallejo-Seiber [photo:]

Mikey was beaten to death by his father, Alex Mendoza, who had repeatedly called him a "sissy”.

Mendoza also often slapped his son in an effort to "toughen him up,” and urged him to beat up an Elmo doll. Mikey Vallejo-Seiber died in a local hospital from internal injuries sustained from being kicked, punched, and dropped on his head while in Mendoza’s care.

Mikey's mother Pamela Seiber pleaded guilty to child endangerment and - two days after what would have been Mikey's fourth birthday - was sentenced to 6yrs in prison for failing to protect her son.

Mendoza entered a plea of not guilty and was sentenced to 25 years to life.

Editors note: Although we will obviously never know whether Mikey may eventually have identified as trans, it is fitting that he be remembered here.

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