TDoR 2006 / 2006 / March / 30 / Rupesh Mandal

Rupesh Mandal

Age 13

30 Mar 2006
Mahottari District, Province No. 2 (Nepal)

TDoR list ref: Mar 2006/Rupesh Mandal

Rupesh Mandal

Rupesh was a thirteen year old transgender girl living in the Mahotari district of Nepal. She was suffocated by her father, Tapeshore Mandal.

Her mother found her body. The father claimed that she had poisoned herself, but a most-mortem indicated that she died of suffocation, not poisoning.

Mandal had banished her after discovering that she was going to meetings of the Blue Diamond Society (BDS), the only organisation in Nepal for sexual minorities. While she rejoined the family after promising to stop going to the BDS, her father continued to abuse and neglect her, and said that he would kill her unless she stopped presenting herself as female.

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