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Alfred/Ariana Dibble

Age 33

20 May 2006
Stockton, California (USA)

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Alfred/Ariana Dibble
Alfred/Ariana Dibble [photo:]

Ariana was beaten unconscious and found hidden in the bushes of a the quiet San Francisco Stockton neighborhood. They died as a result of being beaten around the head.

News reports reported that they had both a male ("Alfred") and female ("Ariana") identity, and that their family were aware of this. Their gender identity is unknown, but it should be noted that it is not unknown for trans women to live in this way for years prior to formal transition.

Murder victim Alfred Dibble lived two lives.

To his family, the Stockton man was an inspiring 33-year-old who worked at a liquor store to pay his way through college and become a registered nurse. But at night, he transformed himself, putting on makeup and women’s clothes.

On Friday, his family held his funeral, less than a week after Dibble, while dressed as a woman, was beaten in downtown Stockton and thrown into the bushes to die. They believe he was the victim of a hate crime, singled out for his alternative lifestyle.

Rivera said his family knew he was gay and liked to dress like a woman, but they didn’t talk about it. His climb from a clerk at March’s Liquor Mart to the medical profession impressed the family, Rivera said.

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