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Keittirat Longnawa

Age 31

31 Jan 2007
Rassada, Phuket (Thailand)
Beaten and throat cut

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Keittirat Longnawa

Keittirat was beaten by 9 youths who then slit her throat.

Longnawa, a 31-year-old Asian [trans woman], was beaten and had her throat slashed on January 31, 2007, in Rassada, Thailand. She was a native of Ao Luk District in Krabiand, Thailand.

Seven males and two females belonging to a gang, ranging in age from 14 to 21, were identified as killing Keittirat. Apparently, while intoxicated, a 16-year-old teenage boy in the group became incensed at Keittirat, who was smoking glue with the nine gang members. Taking a kitchen knife carried by one of the two girls, the teenage boy stabbed the [trans woman].

After the 16-year-old stabbed the victim, the other teens all joined him in a frenzy, taking turns stabbing, kicking and hitting the victim with sticks.

Keittirat’s bloody corpse was discovered the following afternoon by a villager who then informed police. The victim was clad only in jeans, and was found with a brassiere, address book, sandals, a bloody tube of lipstick and two bloodied bags containing glue.

Six of the nine gang members have been arrested for the crime.

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