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Tatiana Gomes

18 Feb 2007
Trani, Apulia (Italy)

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Tatiana Gomes
Tatiana Gomes [photo:]

Tatiana was beaten around the head with a stone while working on the street. Her killer then crushed her head between a car door and body.

[Deadname] Gomes, also known as Tatiana, was of Brazilian origins. She was discovered by a jogger on the morning of Monday 19 February 2007, in the middle of a street on the outskirts of Trani, Italy. She had fatal blow to the temple — which police suspect could have been done by a stone — and then her head was slammed by a car door.

The Court of Trani sentenced Romano Patrizio Lomolino, a 40-year-old suspect from Trani, to 30 years in prison after being convicted f the murder of [deadname] Gomes, which took place on February 18, 2007. His defender, Mario Malcangi, has already made it known that he will appeal the sentence.

That night fourteen years ago Lomolino, together with another suspect, had taken from Gomes, under threat, a sum of money that the [victim] refused to pay: at that point Lomolino had lashed out causing her death.

Lomolino had previously served a 10-year sentence for the robbery of the post office in Largo Petrarca, dating back to March 2007, which ended with the serious injury of a security guard. He was then sentenced to 9 years, for sexual harassment and robbery against a trans [person[ from Bisceglie. However, he was freed again at the beginning of November 2018 after the Court of Appeal had acquitted him.

More recently, Lomolino was the subject of two precautionary custody orders as part of the Medusa operation against a mafia-type criminal association called "Clan Corda-Lomolino".

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