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Victoria Arellano

Age 23

20 Jul 2007
San Pedro, California (USA)
Died in custody

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Victoria Arellano
Victoria Arellano [photo:]

Victoria was an undocumented immigrant detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in May.

She had HIV, and according to published reports ICE officials routinely denied her the antibiotic dapasone and other necessary medications to treat HIV-related side effects.

During detention in San Pedro, attorneys said, her AIDS treatment lapsed. As she vomited blood, fellow inmates cared for her in vain. She was eventually taken to a San Pedro hospital and died while shackled to a bed, an attorney for the family said.

Following her death her mother Olga spoke out about how ICE has let her daughter die.

Olga Arellano spoke at a rally at the Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles on Aug. 27 about how her 23-year-old daughter, Victoria, died July 20 at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) federal detention facility in South Los Angeles.

“I can only find the strength to talk about this because I want people to know what is going on inside that place,” Olga Arellano stated. “I don’t want another family to have to live through this nightmare.” (Daily Journal, Aug. 9)

Authorities reportedly refused to give Victoria Arellano—an undocumented Mexican trans woman with AIDS—urgently needed medical attention and her critically necessary prescribed antibiotic, despite mass protests on her behalf by other immigrant detainees. Authorities had imprisoned her since May in a men’s mass detention cell.

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