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Bianca Pereira Guedes

Age 25

11 Jul 2008
Ipameri, Goiás (Brazil)
Cosmetic filler complications

Bianca Pereira Guedes
Bianca Pereira Guedes [photo:]

Biana died after a cosmetic filler injection. The person who injected her was arrested 11 years later on charges of manslaughter.

Transsexual Ana Beatriz Miranda, 48, was arrested last Tuesday (1) suspected of manslaughter, when there is no intention to kill. The crime occurred in 2008. She is accused, according to the Civil Police, of the death of [deadname] Pereira Guedes, 25 at the time of the facts was also transsexual, and known as Bianca. The suspicion is that Ana had injected industrial silicone into the victim in Ipameri, the city where they lived, and after the application the victim had complications and died. Prior to the case, Ana was known in the city as Kate Mahoney. The name is a reference to the police character of the American TV series "Golden Lady" of the 1980s.

In a letter of September 3 this year, at the request of the Civil Police, the Morrinhos Registry issued a letter informing about the change of names of Ana, who first moved from Coriolano Marques dos Santos to Keithy Marques, in 2007 and 2012. to Ana Beatriz Miranda.

In August last year, an arrest warrant was issued requesting the arrest of the accused, but only now she was found in Caldas Novas, southern Goiás. The holder of the municipality's Specialized Women's Service (Deam) police station, Rodrigo Pereira says the agents found Ana Beatriz after holding a bell, around 7 pm on Tuesday. "She offered no resistance and was sent to the prison unit of Caldas Novas", reports.

The investigator also explained that the municipal police acted only in prison, but will not handle the case. "As the investigation is from Ipameri, it will be heard by the responsible delegate of the city, but for the moment remains in the prison of Caldas Novas," he explained. According to him, there is not yet a definite date of when the transfer will be made.

The report came in contact with the Ipameri Forum, and an attendant, who declined to be named, said the agency had not yet been informed of Ana Beatriz's arrest. According to the investigations, she is also suspected of applying industrial silicone to others, but the other cases have not yet been ascertained.

Bianca died on July 11, 2008, a few days after the application of industrial silicone in Ipameri. In a report by TV Anhanguera at the time of the facts, her partner Reginaldo, who did not have his last name revealed, gave an interview and reported the situation. According to him, his girlfriend went to Ana's house on the 7th of that month and paid about R $ 400 to place two silicone prostheses in the chest region.

Also according to Reginaldo, Bianca began to feel sick right at the time of application. "She even fainted and they kept on applying," he said in the interview. TV Anhanguera learned that after that, Bianca was admitted to the Municipal Emergency Room on the 10th, and as there was no ward, she was referred to a private clinic.

The doctor who attended Bianca at the time, Agnaldo Filho, told the TV report that she had a cough, fever and chest pain. Upon evaluation, it was found to be pneumonia in both lungs. At about 10 am on the 11th she had a cardiac arrest and died of respiratory failure. At the family's request, the body was taken to the city's IML, and only after the report confirmed that the death would be as a result of the application of the substance.

The Ipameri Civil Police heard Ana Beatriz's statement on the night of September 14 of that year, but after the clarifications, was released. The investigation at the time was conducted by Deputy Victor Margon, who is currently responsible for the Goianira police station. The POPULAR sought contact with the delegate, but received no return.

A friend of Bianca - killed after applying industrial silicone in 2008 - told an interview with TV Anhanguera at the time of the facts, which also underwent the procedure at the hands of the accused Ana Beatriz, arrested last Tuesday (1), in Caldas Novas, which at the time was called Kate Mahoney. She reported that she did the procedure twice and paid $ 600 for each application.

Despite realizing the dream, she stated that she knew the risks and did not recommend the use. "I'm happy with my breasts, but I wouldn't do it again," he added. Despite her friend's death, she did not want to see a doctor to make an assessment for fear of the outcome.

Merchant Luciene Borges Cortez, Bianca's aunt, told TV she hoped her niece's death would serve as an example. “I want to warn other [trans women] not to do what Bianca did. She was in perfect health,” she lamented.

Bianca was buried on July 13, 2008, in Vila Rica, Mato Grosso, where her parents lived. The victim worked the farm, according to her aunt and even aware of the danger refused to give up the dream. The merchant also stated that she had already warned her niece about the risks of using industrial silicone. It was the second time she had applied the product to her body.

Bianca's death was not recorded in the official TDoR 2008 memorial list.

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