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Gaby Rosales Aragón

21 Jan 2009
Diriamba, Carazo (Nicaragua)

Gaby Rosales Aragón

Gaby was stabbed on the left side of the chest in front of the Basilica of San Sebastian by another trans woman.

The alleged killer Luisona Dávila López was arrested.

This event occurred on January 21, in the early hours of the morning, when several [trans women] were coping with the cold of the morning by cuddling each other, but in the middle of the pachanga and drinks, a person was killed in front of the Basilica of San Sebastian.

In [her] first statements, [deadname] Dávila López, originally from San Marcos, Carazo, maintained that [she] is innocent, because even though there was a conflict between all the members of the group that remained in front of the church, [she] was not capable of attacking anyone, and indirectly accused the [trans woman] nicknamed "La Shakira", because according to [her], this was the one who the authorities occupied the knife.

"Like three times we fought ... the shirt I was wearing had blood, because they hurt my face, but the stab was for me," said "La Luisona", in an attempt to go from victimizer to victim.

[She] adds that the whole problem was due to a debt of money that [she] had with one of the litigators, but on the contrary of what the police investigations point out, [she] had a very good friendship for several years with "La Gaby".

On Monday morning, a preliminary hearing was held in the Criminal Hearing Court, where the Public Prosecutor accused Luis Dávila of murder, while the judicial judge ordered preventive detention and scheduled the initial hearing for Wednesday, at eight o'clock. in the morning.

The National Police first detained five [trans women] who were there at the time of the incident, but the results of the Criminalistics Laboratory indicate that the knife with which [deadname] Rosales Aragón was killed has Luis Dávila's fingerprints and that [she] had bloodstains from the deceased on [her] shirt.

Gaby's death was not recorded on the official TDOR 2009 list released by Transgender Europe (TGEU).

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