TDoR 2009 / 2009 / January / 31 / Pérola


Age 17

31 Jan 2009
Belém, Pará (Brazil)

Pérola [photo:]

Pérola was allegedly stabbed multiple times by Jeninha/Quelly da Silva. According to her brother, the motive was jealousy. The exact date she died is unknown, but it was reportedly sometime in January 2009.

Pérola's murder was not reported on the official TDoR 2009 list. It only came to light as a result of her alleged killer being murdered herself 10 years later (see

In fact the same [Jeninha/Quelly da Silva] lived 4 years in a friend's house and went on the run ... the msm used the name of Jheninha and (Quelly) on social networks ... which tbm left the run of her hometown in Belém from because she took the life of a 17 year old trans girl with multiple stab wounds and nothing was done about it.

Witnesses including the victim's cousin saw the stabbing and in the desperation to rescue the victim the murderer managed to run away. She was picked up later but was released....Pérola was a friend of this murderous trans woman in Campinas and gave a home and food to her own assassin. If you lived in the neighborhood, you would know the whole story.

Report added: 28 Jan 2019. Last updated: 2 Feb 2019

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