TDoR 2009 / 2009 / March / 10 / Ebru Soykan ("Dilan Pirinc")

Ebru Soykan ("Dilan Pirinc")

Age 28

10 Mar 2009
Istanbul (Turkey)

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Ebru Soykan ("Dilan Pirinc")
Ebru Soykan ("Dilan Pirinc") [photo:]

Ebru had received beatings and death threats from a man before the same man stabbed her to death in her own apartment.

Ebru had asked the Prosecutor's Office for protection from the man who had beaten her on several occasions and threatened to kill her. Lambda Istanbul was told that a few weeks ago police detained the man but released him two hours later. The same man is under police custody as the murder suspect." -Press Release from Human Rights Watch, March 13, 2009

Ebru was a Turkish civil rights activist who campaigned for the rights of trans people. She was also known as Dilan Pirinc.

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