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Age 30

22 Jun 2009
Volgograd (Russia)

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Camilla was shot dead by her boyfriend Vladmir after he discovered that she was trans.

VOLGOGRAD, June 24 [2009]. In Volgograd, the murder of a woman with whom her common-law husband was dealt was investigated. According to NEWSru Israel, the victim’s shocking past was the motive for the murder: she was a [trans woman] and underwent sex reassignment surgery.

The couple met two years ago during a trip to St. Petersburg. In the Northern capital, Vladimir felt attracted to his compatriot Camilla and, returning home, immediately offered the girl to move to him.

At the same time, Vladimir was not embarrassed that his beloved was reluctant to talk about his past. He only knew that Camille grew up in Tiraspol, studied at Chisinau University, but did not go to graduate school.

After two years of marriage, Vladimir offered Camille a hand and a heart, but she rejected his offer, saying that she was not ready for such a serious step. “We are fine without paper formalities,” she said.

However, such an answer kindled jealousy in a man, and he decided at all costs to find out the secret of his beloved's past. Since then, Vladimir began to monitor the woman. He hacked into Camilla's email and found correspondence with her Tiraspol friends. However, all the recipients for some reason turned to his beloved as a man.

Vladimir began to correspond on behalf of Camille and found out that in the past she really was a [trans woman] called [deadname]. Then came the sex-change operation that was done in Australia, and after returning to her homeland, Camilla changed her documents.

Vladimir did not suffer the shock well. He took a gun and went to meet her at the railway station. Soon, the corpse of 30-year-old Camilla was found not far from the Donskaya railway platform with traces of a gunshot wound in the [groin].

After that, the 33-year-old crime suspect tried to commit suicide by leaving a suicide note. Vladimir cut his veins, but was saved. Now the accused of murder awaits trial.

Spiegel Online 23.06.2009

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