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Beyonce "Eric” Lee

Age 21

26 Jul 2009
New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

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Beyonce "Eric” Lee

Lee was a drag performer who dressed and performed as the famous singer Beyonce and was transitioning. She was stabbed to death in her home after an argument with three women.

New Orleans, LA – The Times-Picayune and report the Sunday murder of a victim who presented femininely and referred to herself as “Beyoncé,” in tribute to the popular star of soul and pop/rock, Beyoncé Knowles. The victim, Eric Lee, 21, was stabbed repeatedly at an apartment complex [at the 3500 block of Garden Oaks Drive] in the Algiers neighborhood. Police found Lee’s slashed body inside a first-floor apartment.

Witnesses say they heard Lee arguing heatedly with a group of women before the time of the murder. While police have not announced a suspected motive for the killing, the m.o. fits a transphobic hate crime pattern. Residents who knew her say that Lee, who was in transition from male to female, often dressed in women’s clothing, and drew ridicule from the neighborhood because of it. An unidentified source told the Times-Picayune that Lee “dressed to the nines.” Carl Adams, who claimed that he did not know the victim well, told reporters that he had often heard Lee arguing with neighbors. “Probably because they made fun of [her],” he said.

Three women, Perrion Crawford, Ventrice Battle and Regina Reddick were charged with second degree murder in connection with the killing.

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