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Age 32

20 Nov 2009
Rome, Lazio (Italy)
Smoke inhalation

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Brenda [photo:]

Brenda was burned to death in her own apartment. The police are investigating murder.

She was a sex worker of Brazilian descent and a witness to a "political sex scandal".

Brenda made headlines after allegedly having more than one sexual encounter with the former governor of the Lazio region Piero Marrazzo in an extortion, sex and drugs scandal, which led to the governor's resignation in October.

"They killed her. I do not know who. She was in a bad psychological state, she wanted to go back to Brazil. Now they must find who did this," said Barbara, a transsexual friend of Brenda, told reporters.

Meanwhile, Rome's public prosecutor said that the case would be investigated as a homicide, adding that Brenda had suffocated from the smoke after the fire.

"Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide" research project: Telegraph 20.11.2009, Netzeitung 21.11.2009 and

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