TDoR 2010 / 2009 / December / 25 / D. A. Santos Costa

D. A. Santos Costa

Age 20

25 Dec 2009
Died in custody

D. A. Santos Costa

D. died in custody. She was a Brazilian national who had been detained because her documentation was not in order.

Family of [trans woman] dead in Italy wants to sue the Brazilian government

A month and three years after her [daughter]'s death, housewife Audilene Alves dos Santos, 54, and electrician CĂ­cero Benedito da Costa, 47, want to sue the Brazilian government to be blamed for the death of the young [deadname] Santos Costa, 20.

[Deadname] was found dead in Italy on December 25, 2009, inside a cell of the Identification and Expulsion Center of Via Corelli - where they are detained clandestinely from foreign countries after being found with irregular documentation. Italian police say the young [woman] committed suicide, but the family does not believe that.

The victim's death was not recorded on the TDoR 2010 memorial lists released by Transgender Europe and in November 2010.

Note that the location associated with this report is unclear - "Via Corelli" is ambiguous.

Report added: 8 Nov 2019. Last updated: 13 Nov 2019

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