TDoR 2010 / 2010 / July / 27 / Camille Gerin

Camille Gerin

Age 25

27 Jul 2010
Campinas, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Camille Gerin
Camille Gerin [photo:]

A client hit Camille over the head with two pieces of wood and threw her body into a ditch. She died in hospital the following day.

The perpetrator, Roberto Rubens de Macedo, was caught at the scene. He told the police that Camille made sexual advances, which he had refused. He also claimed to have been threatened with a knife, although no knife was found at the scene.

A military police vehicle that passed by the place distrusted and ended up arresting Macedo in flagrante. According to the police, the helper confessed that he had beaten Camile to defend himself from an attempted aggression. According to her version, the transvestite would have forced him to make a sexual program and as would have occurred the refusal, Camile would have invested with a knife. In Macedo's possession, the police found a pot of moisturizer and a glass of perfume that would belong to the victim. The alleged knife was not found. Macedo was arrested for attempted murder and sent to the 2nd District Police. However, the offender has been released and is at liberty.

Arrested in the act of murder and still released? In Brazil you have to be a goalkeeper to stay in jail or kill the son of some actress, otherwise...

"Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide" research project: Notícia Já, online portal, 26 Jul. 2010, Espaco GLS, online portal, 28 Jul. 2010 August 2010

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