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Imperia Gamaniel Parson

30 Aug 2010
San Pedro Sula, Cortés (Honduras)

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Imperia Gamaniel Parson
Imperia Gamaniel Parson [photo:]

Imperia was shot in the street at about half past midnight by two men on a motorcycle.

She was a sex worker and at the time was waiting for customers on Second Street, Second Avenue of the Barandillas neighborhood, opposite the La Plaza building.

Imperia was the president of the executive committe of the Honduran Colectivo Unidad Color Rosa (Colectivo TTT), and according to Colectivo TTT, the men appeared to be police officers.

Imperia was an HIV / AIDS educator and also worked on human rights issues.

The circumstances of her death are not entirely clear. Apparently, two miscreants on a motorcycle approached her to ask her how much she charged for her services and then shot her at least four times. The young woman apparently arrived at the hospital alive, but died as a result of her injuries.

Just two days ago we wrote about the growing climate of violence against LGBT people in Honduras as a result of another terrible event: the murder of a witness who had dared to testify against a policeman accused of the murder of a transsexual woman.

Organización Trans Reinas de la Noche Guatemala; Human Rights Watch

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