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Victoria Carmen White

Age 28

12 Sep 2010
Maplewood, New Jersey (USA)

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Victoria Carmen White
Victoria Carmen White [photo:]

Victoria was killed at 5 am in a relative's apartment. Alrashim Chambers, 24, and Marquise Foster, 26, were charged with murder after surrendering to police in October.

I can't even begin to explain the pain that my heart feels. Such a wonderful, caring, loving, woman was taken out of this world—for what reason?

She touched so many lives and so many looked up to her and were inspired by her. She taught us how to live our life to the fullest and how to push drama out of it. She was the sweetest person and would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She was always generous with her money, even though sometimes she just shouldn't have been. But that was my April [a name that some of Victoria's older friends new her by].

She was always caring and worrying about others and making sure her loved ones had what they needed.

But she also knew when to stand her ground and when to get rid of the fake people in her life.

Foster took a plea deal, but Chambers was acquitted.

In the end, it came down to the accused killer’s word against that of his former co-defendant.

Alrashim Chambers was charged with fatally shooting a transgender woman in Maplewood after discovering her sexual identity. His one-time accomplice, who has since taken a plea deal, pointed the finger at Chambers. But Chambers pointed it right back.

An Essex County jury made its decision today when it acquitted Chambers on all counts in the Sept. 12, 2010, slaying of 28-year-old Victoria Carmen White.

The jury found Chambers, of Newark, not guilty of murder, bias intimidation and two weapons offenses. Chambers, 25, who maintained his innocence from the beginning and took the stand in his own defense, had faced up to life in prison if convicted of murder.

Victoria was from Newark. Investigators believed that she was killed after her killer learnt that she was transgender.

Minutes later, the party turned deadly.

Sharon White and Wray said they heard a man yell: "You a dude?" followed by three gunshots.

The bathroom door was closed at that point so neither could tell who fired the shots. They also couldn’t tell who uttered the statement, the tone of which sounded like "a question, with anger," as Sharon White put it.

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