TDoR 2011 / 2010 / December / 07 / Mica (Michel Felipe Teles dos Santos)

Mica (Michel Felipe Teles dos Santos)

Age 22

7 Dec 2010
Umarizal, Belem, Pará (Brazil)

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Mica (Michel Felipe Teles dos Santos)

Mica was killed by two gun shots on a public square called Ver-o-Rio in the evening. Mica was with ten friends, who stated that prior to the event, one of them had made a joke when a military police car passed. One of the police officers said "Go on laughing and you will see what is going to happen!". Around twenty minutes later, two men came on a motorbike. One of them got off the motorbike, pointed at Mica and said "Yes, it's you!". He fired two shots at Mica. Her friends called and ambulance and Mica died in hospital. According to friends and relatives, Mica had repeatedly been ridiculed by two police men and subjected to humiliating intimate body searches on the square Ver-o- Rio as well as in front of her own house.

‘Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide’ research project: ORM online portal, 9.12.2010 4 ----------------------- Page 5-----------------------

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