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Krissy Bates

Age 45

12 Jan 2011
Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)
Strangled and stabbed

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Krissy Bates
Krissy Bates [photo:]

Krissy was strangled and stabbed in her Minneapolis apartment on Linden Avenue. A man she was dating confessed to the crime.

Many LGBT activists eulogized slain transgender woman Krissy Bates at Minneapolis Community and Technical College on Friday night.

Bates, 45, was found dead in her apartment on Jan. 11. She'd been stabbed four times in her torso, once on the left side of her neck. Her boyfriend, Arnold Darwin Waukazo, confessed to the crime and was arrested last week. His first court appearance was this afternoon.

"This is the killing of one of our own in the community," Barbara Satin, a transgender activist with National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said from the podium in front of a rainbow flag. "Let us keep vigil against hatred and violence."

Krissy had been worried about her safety in the weeks leading up to the homicide after being was sexually assaulted.

Her murderer was a man she met online and started to date for a short time. The murderer confessed that he killed her by strangling her with his hands. He allegedly moved her body to the floor and saw it "jump." He told police he did not want her to "come back," so he took a folding knife from a hutch and stabbed her several times, according to the charges.

Bates' cause of death was complex homicidal violence, with four stab wounds to the torso and one to the left side of the neck. She also had broken ribs, and the hyoid bone in her throat was loosened, a sign of strangulation.

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