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Carol de Arimatéia da Silva

Age 27

16 Oct 2011
Patos, Paraíba (Brazil)

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Carol de Arimatéia da Silva
Carol de Arimatéia da Silva [photo:]

Carol was shot dead on Rua Ednaldo Torres on the night of Sunday 16th October. Her mother stated she suspected prejudice to be the reason of the murder.

The family of a [trans woman] killed on Sunday night (16) in Patos, Paraíba Sertão, believes that the crime was motivated by homophobia. [deadname] de Arimatéia da Silva, 27, was shot dead at around 10 pm on Rua Ednaldo Torres, behind the city's railway station. According to the Military Police, the place is known as a point of prostitution.

Arimathea's mother, housewife Iraci Morais, told TV Paraíba that she was [transgender] and lived in Campina Grande, but had been in Patos for four months to help her prepare for a surgery she would undergo on Monday (17). "Either she was a victim of prejudice or violence. It could have been both," said the mother. She did not say, however, if she was threatened or persecuted.

In May 2013 police officer José Jorlânio Nunes was sentenced to 10 years in prison for four murders (including Carol's) and one attempted murder.

The Justice of Patos, in the Sertão da Paraíba, condemned the military police corporal José Jorlânio Nunes to ten years in prison under arrest for the crime of homophobia; the decision was released on Tuesday (28).

According to the deputy, Hugo Lucena, who is responsible for the investigation, the accused allegedly killed four homosexuals and attempted to kill another. The crimes took place between 2011 and 2012. The cable has been arrested since February 2012 in the arrest of the 3rd Military Police Battalion in Patos, following an operation called "Carcará", which took place throughout the state.

Investigations began after five crimes that took place in Patos in 2011, and the press already hypothesized that the crimes were homophobic. The victims were: [deadname] de Arimatéia da Silva (Carol), Jose Adailson Marques da Nobrega (Big-big), Silvanildo de Morais Araujo (Dida), Deleon Silva Cirilo and Maria do Carmo Sousa dos Santos (Carmecita).

‘Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide’ research project: Gay 1, online portal, 17.10.2011

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