TDoR 2012 / 2011 / October / 18 / Carolina González Abad ("La Moma")

Carolina González Abad ("La Moma")

Age 36

18 Oct 2011
La Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Carolina González Abad ("La Moma")
Carolina González Abad ("La Moma") [photo:]

La Moma's body was found by her brother half-naked on her bed in Calle 4 with a scarf around her neck. As well as being strangled she had sustained deep blows to the head and a stab wound in one leg.

Her two dogs, Taylor and Pamela had also been killed.

"She was killed by inequality, the continuous violence in which she always lived; because a trans woman these days has no choice but to go on the streets to survive. We remember her well, always laughing and mocking the attacks of the ignorant who insulted her and discriminated against her because of her gender; showing himself indifferent to that in order to move forward," recalled her friends.

La Moma was a baby in a great body, totally honest, to the point of always saying what she thought. She was 36 years old and lacked some common sense, but she had no evil. She was a totally happy person, inside her bubble and in spite of the very poor economic conditions in which she had to live. She laughed at the tragedy and had an acidic humour. And she had managed to weave genuine friendship relationships.

She was a granddaughter of a judge, daughter of separated parents and had two brothers. She got along well with everyone in her family, even though they still called her by her deadname. Her father paid her rent for her home, but he could not help her anymore than that. To eat, prostitution was her only choice.

‘Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide’ research project: El Dia, online journal, 9.11.11

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