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9 Nov 2011
Moscow (Russia)

Svetlana [photo:]

Svetlana was beaten to death by two men after they discovered that she was a trans woman.

Note that her exact date of death is not known and the date of this report is based upon that of the original newspaper report. As that report documented the trial of her killers, her murder no doubt occurred some time earlier.

In Moscow, a trial is underway over two residents of the capital, who are accused of the brutal murder of a transgender girl. Transphobes assure the court that they were supposedly in a state of shock: it was for this reason that they beat their victim to death with their hands, feet and a shovel. The killers claim that their victim herself provoked a "conflict."

According to the accused men named Bobyr and Khalbaev, who call themselves “victims of fraud,” they, while in a state of intoxication, met a girl named Svetlana on the street. Then, as the killers assure, they invited the victim to continue acquaintance behind the garages, where, according to them, they persuaded Svetlana to have oral sex with them, which she allegedly agreed to. The killers say that during sexual contact with a transsexual woman, Khalbaev took off her jeans and only then realized that their new acquaintance was not a biological woman.

After this, transphobes became furious: one of them, Khalbaev, according to the investigation, hit the transsexual four times and left, while the second, Bobyr, beat the victim to death, using not only his arms and legs, but also accidentally found on the spot crime spade. The victim died from bodily harm.

Oksana Slastenkova, the sister of the murdered, told law enforcement officials that Svetlana had never met unfamiliar men on the street. At the same time, she noted that for the past few months, the transsexual woman has been taking hormonal pills and was preparing for a sex change operation. According to Oksana Slastenkova, her transgender sister from childhood was fond of doll games, loved to wear women's clothing. [Their] parents did not pay attention to such hobbies and even joked: there are two daughters growing up in the house.

Svetlana's murder was not recorded on the official TDoR 2011 list released by Transgender Europe (TGEU) in November 2011.

Report added: 14 Sep 2019. Last updated: 21 Sep 2019

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