TDoR 2012 / 2012 / February / 13 / Melda Yuksel

Melda Yuksel

Age 26

13 Feb 2012
İzmit, Kocaeli (Turkey)

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Melda Yuksel
Melda Yuksel [photo:]

Melda was shot by her brother in the apartment they shared.

A dispute between two [siblings] turned into a fight in an apartment in Izmit city center. 25-year-old Murat Yuksel shot and killed 26-year-old [Melda] Yüksel.

Murat Yüksel, who owns a shop in Sakarya and sells hunting supplies, and his [sister] [Melda] Yüksel, bought an apartment under construction in Cedit Neighborhood in the city center of Izmit. Today, the two [siblings] went to the house they bought and started to identify the kitchen and furniture needed. A discussion between the two [siblings] turned into a fight with mutual insults. Murat Yüksel couldn't control himself, took out the licensed pistol he carried and shot his sister several times. 5 bullets hit her body and she died at the scene.

Residents who heard gunshots from the building reported the situation to the police. Teams from the scene within a short time, Murat Yüksel was arrested at the scene with the pistol in his hand.

The court gave a reduced sentence of 16 years to the perpetrator claiming that he was subject to "heavy provocation".

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