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Rosita Hidalgo

15 Mar 2012
Miami, Florida (USA)

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Rosita Hidalgo
Rosita Hidalgo [photo:]

Rosita was found in her apartment gagged, stabbed, and with her throat cut. She was of Cuban descent, and worked as a small-time escort bringing her clients to her apartment.

Detective Vivian Hernandez is asking Miami Beach residents for information related to the stabbing death of a local transsexual female. The murder occurred on March 15.

The victim, [deadname] "Rosita" Hidalgo, was discovered bludgeoned to death in her home at 545 Michigan Avenue, after concerned neighbors and friends began to worry because they hadn't heard from her in several days.

Javier Menendez Cuesta, 36, was friends with the victim and told police he became increasingly concerned when he hadn't heard from Rosita in days, and so he went to check on her and notified police. The manager of the property, Sanz Group Apartments, let police into the apartment.

Amy Rivers, a legendary drag entertainer in South Florida and close friend of the victim, arrived on the scene with police. Rivers said that as soon as she and the cops walked into the apartment and found a pool of blood, the officers shut the door behind them to seal off the crime scene. According to Miami Beach Police, once inside, they found blood all over the apartment and the victim's body.

Rivers said, "Somebody had the nerve to stab her, cut her neck and put something in her mouth so she wouldn't scream," and added in a tearful voice. "It's not fair what they did to her - She didn't deserve this. I loved her and everybody loved her."

TvT project: Advocate 28.06.2012; Miami New Times 23.072012

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