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Pamela Moitiño Contreras

Age 26

18 Apr 2012
Melo, Cerro Largo (Uruguay)

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Pamela Moitiño Contreras

Pamela's body was found weighted down inside a well eight days after she had disappeared. Her body showed clear signs of sexual abuse and the death was caused by blows from a stick and a piece of pipe.

On April 12, 2012, the only crime of that period that has been clarified occurred. Pamela, 26, was murdered in the city of Melo. Her body appeared in a hookah in the Feder neighborhood after she died from the beatings she had sustained. Two adults and a teenager were prosecuted.

Two older men and one minor were involved in her murder and they tried to hide her body in the well. It was not established whether she was killed there or elsewhere.

TvT partner organisation Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans: Periódico El Observador Online. 18.04.2012

In September 2021 and following the arrest of the ringleader of the Comando Barneix group, Nicolás Gonella, on child pornography charges, Gonella confessed that he was responsible for her murder and five others:

Justice is now investigating as a possible perpetrator the defendant in the Barneix case, who in a conversation claimed the homicides.

Justice is investigating the man who was sentenced to prison for the threats in the Barneix case, for the murder of [six] trans women. These killings, which occurred between 2011 and 2012, have yet to be clarified. In the seizure of documents from the defendant's house, Nicolás Gonella mentions in a conversation with an individual from a foreign organization that he was responsible for these murders. (page 45)

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