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Anil Aayiramthengu

Age 39

10 May 2012
Thangassery, Kollam, Kerala (India)
Throat cut

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Anil Aayiramthengu

Anil had her throad cut and had abdominal injuries.

Anil was a transgender and queer activist. In the area where she was living "hate pamplets" had been distributed before her killing. Activists called the killing "a brutal signal from murdering homophobic patriarchy that trans people/queer people/ non- conforming persons of all kinds have no right to live". Two weeks after the murder, police arrested three suspects, who confirmed the killing. One of them called it a "revenge", because he heard a rumour that Anil was HIV-positive and feared that he got infected because he had sex with her.

TvT project: News Net East 11.05.2012 & 21.05.2011

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