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Thapelo Makutle ("Queen Bling")

Age 24

9 Jun 2012
Kuruman, Northern Cape (South Africa)
Throat cut

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Thapelo Makutle ("Queen Bling")
Thapelo Makutle ("Queen Bling") [photo:]

Thapelo was killed after two men followed her home and broke into her apartment. Earlier they had argued with her over her sexual orientation.

Thapelo was described as being gay and transgender, and a LGBT activist. Her friends and fellow activists refered to her with female pronouns.

The South African NGO LEGBO called it a homophobic and transphobic attack, stating: "She was mutilated, her genitalia cut out and a bottle was inserted into her body". A newspaper report also called it a hate crime stating, that her genitals were cut off and put into her mouth.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Thapelo Makutle, a young gay and transgender [woman] brutally killed in an apparent hate crime, was "severely mutilated," [her] friends and fellow activists have said.

Makutle's "genitalia was severed and inserted into [her] mouth," a statement by gay and lesbian rights groups said, citing unconfirmed reports from witnesses.

"[Her] throat was so badly slit, and it was near decapitation."

Makutle, 24, was murdered early Saturday in the small town of Kuruman, in South Africa's Northern Cape province, reportedly after getting into an argument with two men over [her] sexual orientation. Police have yet to make any arrests in connection with the murder, and haven't confirmed the motive of the attack.

The men followed Makutle back to [her] rented room, broke down the door and attacked [her], according to Shaine Griqua, director of the group LEGBO Northern Cape.

Subsequently Sizwe Tajini was charged with her murder.

A suspect in the brutal murder of Thapelo Makuthle is reported to have been charged. The suspect, named Sizwe Tajini, resides with his father in the village of Seoding, the same of the victim, near Kuruman, Northern Cape, South Africa.During a court hearing that was held today in Kuruman, Taijini was said to have admitted to carrying out the murder alone.

Speaking to, Shaine Griqua, director of the LGBT rights group LEGBO Northern Cape reported that Taijin “stayed silent most of the time and showed no remorse. He also made contemptuous, arrogant facial expressions and body posturing at the LGBT activists who were in attending the court hearing,” he said.

According to Griqua, Taijini was caught by the police on Sunday in his mother’s home in Welkom, when he used the murdered victim’s laptop he had stolen.

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