TDoR 2012 / 2012 / July / 10 / Neşe Dilşeker ("Seçil Anne")

Neşe Dilşeker ("Seçil Anne")

Age 46

10 Jul 2012
Antalya (Turkey)

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Neşe Dilşeker ("Seçil Anne")
Neşe Dilşeker ("Seçil Anne") [photo:]

Neşe was found dead in her apartment with her face slashed and her throat cut.

Neşe Dilşeker (46), known as Seçil Anne in Antalya, was killed last night by cutting her throat at 23.00.

Dilşeker's throat was cut and this killed her. Dilkeşer's funeral, Muratpaşa district of the district of the Forensic Medicine Institute after the examination was sent to the house in the neighborhood.

Antalya Police Department, took a look at the camera images around the house. Dilşeker's ex-boyfriend and close friends also applied to the testimony of the Antalya Police Department is conducting a large-scale investigation.

Last month, a group of people in the Altindag neighborhood of Antalya organized an action against trans people on the grounds that trans people were sex workers in the neighborhood. Activists who claimed that they could not go out with their families after the darkening, said they would keep watches with sticks in their hands.

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