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Kendall Hampton

Age 26

4 Aug 2012
Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)

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Kendall Hampton
Kendall Hampton [photo:]

Kendall was shot while walking to a convenience store. She died in hospital.

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs is calling attention to the fatal shooting of Kendall L. Hampton, a gender-nonconforming person who had reportedly been involved in sex work.

The 26-year-old victim was discovered in the parking lot of a Cincinnati convenience store last Saturday, reported Fox 19. Hampton was pronounced dead later that night at the city's University Hospital. Police are currently searching for the gunman.

In death, media reports misgendered her.

I posted last week about the Hampton trans murder case in Ohio and my pissivity over the almost immediate deployment of the Black trans unwoman meme' in the initial reports by several Cincinnati media outlets. The local media in addition to immediately misgendering her, assumed Hampton was engaged in sex work, which pissed me off still further.

Well, interestingly enough, there's a story that came out yesterday in by Worley Rodehaver about this latest trans murder based on an interview with a person purported to be a relative of Hampton's named Terri.

According to the article, Hampton had just had a fistfight with a transphobe who called her names, and the cismale she vanquished was being teased by other males for being beat up by a 'fag'.

In September 2012, Eugene Carlos Dukes, 19, was arrested and charged with murder.

19 year old Eugene Carlos Dukes was arrested in September 2012 and charged with Hampton's murder. But the wheels of justice have been moving at a glacial pace in this case since Duke's indictment by the Hamilton County grand jury.

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