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Dewayne "Deja" Jones

Age 33

26 Aug 2012
Miami, Florida (USA)

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Dewayne "Deja" Jones
Dewayne "Deja" Jones [photo:]

Deja was shot multiple times early in the morning of Sunday 26th August in what might have been a robbery seven blocks from her home.

MIAMI(CBS4) – Miami Police homicide detectives are trying to find out if a 33-year-old [woman] was killed early Sunday because [she was trans].

A CBS4 crew caught up with those investigators exclusively as Detective Frankie Sanchez lead them through a neighborhood around 60 N.W. 77th St., where the crime happened early Sunday morning as most people were sleeping and inside as Tropical Storm Isaac was approaching South Florida.

Sanchez and his team handed out flyers asking for the public’s help showing the most recent picture of the victim, 33-year-old Dewayne “Deja” Jones, who lived just seven blocks north of where the shooting happened.

“We’re struggling for leads,” Sanchez told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench. “We don’t know who [she] was with. That’s always possible that someone did this because of [the fact that she was trans]. We’re looking for any information. Anything that someone may have seen with someone running or driving away from the area, any information that would help us figure out what happened to [her].”

Report added: 1 Nov 2018. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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