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Name Unknown

8 Sep 2012
Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Name Unknown

The body of the victim was found in a makeshift shack on a construction site by the employee of a nearby gas station.

A [trans woman] - as yet unidentified - was found dead next to a shack erected in the central construction site of a busy avenue in Ribeirão Preto (SP), on Saturday night (8), in the Vila Elisa neighborhood. The victim, according to the police, was located by a gas station attendant who works at a gas station on Avenida Marechal Costa e Silva, in front of the scene. The case was registered as a qualified homicide. Nobody was arrested.

The witness informed the police that she went to the construction site after an unknown man entered the establishment on Saturday night and told her that the [trans woman] was dead. Not knowing what to do, the woman went to the scene and found the victim, already dead, with her head seriously injured and covered with a sheet. According to the PM, the injuries that the [trans woman] sustained may have been caused by stones.

The gas station attendant also told the police that, three days ago, the [trans woman] had set up the shack in the public area, where she was 'living' with two men.

The attack took place on Avenida Marechal Costa e Silva.

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