TDoR 2012 / 2012 / September / 16 / Vitória da Silva Costa

Vitória da Silva Costa

Age 21

16 Sep 2012
Votuporanga, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Vitória da Silva Costa
Vitória da Silva Costa [photo:]

Vitória was brutally murdered in the early hours of Sunday 16th September and her body found near a garbage dumpster. Her killer not only cut her neck but severed one of her ears and cut off her penis.

The police considered her murder a hate crime.

Sex worker Vitória ([deadname] da Silva Costa), 21, was brutally killed in the early hours of Sunday, in Industrial District 1, in Votuporanga.

The crime shocked the city, which has about 86,000 inhabitants, for the killer's refinement of cruelty and coldness. The killer cut off the [trans woman]'s penis, tore off one of her ears with a knife and cut her neck. The killer stole Victoria's purse and cell phone, and a piece of her ear as a "trophy." Victoria had been in town for two weeks.

This is the third killing of a [trans woman] in the region in a month.

According to information from the Votuporanga Military Police, the transvestite's body was located around 5:30 am by another sex worker known as Bruna. The ground where the body was, which is next to Ecotudo - the garbage disposal point - is known as a place for [sex workers].

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