TDoR 2012 / 2012 / September / 17 / Sandy


Age 24

17 Sep 2012
São José dos Campos, São Paulo (Brazil)


Sandy was attacked at dawn in the Campo dos Alemães neighborhood by the occupants of two cars who stopped nearby. Police were called by neighbours who heard her shouts, but she died in hospital.

The area where she died is known as one where homeless people shelter.

A [trans woman] was beaten to death at dawn this Monday (17) in the Campo dos Alemães neighborhood, south of São José dos Campos . The crime scene is known to shelter homeless people, including inside private grounds, surrounded by walls.

According to the Civil Police, the victim - known as Sandy - was killed by the occupants of two cars that stopped near the place where the trans woman was and beat her. The police still do not know the number of aggressors.

The victim was eventually rescued from the hospital but could not resist her injuries, especially those to her head. The police were called by a resident who heard the shouts of the victim.

Her murder was not recorded on the official TDoR 2012 memorial list released by Transgender Europe (TGEU) in November 2012. [BROKEN LINK] [BROKEN LINK]

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