TDoR 2012 / 2012 / September / 26 / M. A. Basil

M. A. Basil

Age 36

26 Sep 2012
Realeza, Manhuaçu, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

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M. A. Basil

The victim was reportedly attacked by three men, who demanded paid sexual services, started an argument and killed her.

Three wanderers were arrested by the Military Police earlier this afternoon (09/26). They are suspected of killing a [trans woman], [deadname] Basil, 36. The crime happened behind the Barrigão Post, in Realeza, Manhuaçu district, close to the Federal Highway Police Post (PRF). According to information, the three wanderers wanted to make a program with the [trans woman].

They started an argument, until one hit the victim on the head with a stone. Unsatisfied, the suspects took the [girl] to the banks of the river, where they drowned her to death. After killing the [trans woman], the accused left the body in the water.

Witnesses witnessed the events and called the Military Police. A team quickly came to the scene and began a search to capture those responsible. Two were arrested immediately after the fact, and another tried to hide inside a bathroom, but was found and also detained. The Fire Department was called, but when the victim arrived at the scene, he was dead.

The incident occurred with action by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) of Royalty.

TvT project: Cabuloso, online portal, 26.09.12

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