TDoR 2012 / 2012 / September / 29 / Carlinha


Age 19

29 Sep 2012
Ariquemes, Rondônia (Brazil)

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Carlinha was beaten around the head with a stone in an abandoned nightclub in the Marechal Rondon neighborhood. According an argument may have preceded her killing.

Marcela da Silva Nascimento witnessed the crime and said that she slept with the victim and another woman, named Aldelia Maria da Silva on the balcony of the disused nightclub. Marcela says that Adelia's boyfriend arrived on the scene this morning and started an argument. "He came and beat his girlfriend and got a stone to hit her, but she diverted it and the stone hit Carlinha's head," she explained.

Adelia says that she was asleep and did not see the perpetrator. "When I saw the stone I ran away," she explained. According to local residents, a nightclub was operating there a few years ago but currently the site is used by drug users.

TvT project: G1, online portal, 28.09.12 [BROKEN LINK]

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