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R. J. de Jesus

4 Oct 2012
Ituiutaba, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

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R. J. de Jesus
R. J. de Jesus [photo:]

On 4th October 2012 the skeletal remains of a body with a hole in the skull were found near the BR-365 highway. Two bullet casings were found nearby.

The victim is thought to have been a trans woman who had been missing for seven months.

The Military Police located a human bones in a cane field on the banks of BR-365, in the stretch between Ituiutaba and trevão, a region better known as Venda Amarela. The suspicion is that the remains are that of [trans woman] Ricardo Júnior de Jesus, who disappeared seven months ago in the city.

The military was called by sugar cane cutters. According to Sergeant Valentine, although it is not possible to identify whether the bones belonged to a man or a woman, it is possible that it is Ricardo, since she is missing and next to the body, two silicone prostheses were found.

The [trans woman], according to information, worked as a call girl at the roundabout at the entrance to the city. "Everything suggests that it is his, because of the silicone, the wig and her disappearance," said the sergeant.

There were also two shell casingss beside the bones and the skull had a perforation. All material was sent to IML for DNA tests, which should be ready within 30 days.

TvT project: Uipi, online portal, 04.10.2012

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