TDoR 2013 / 2012 / October / 07 / Gabi Souza de Almeida

Gabi Souza de Almeida

Age 21

7 Oct 2012
Cuiabá, Mato Grosso (Brazil)

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Gabi Souza de Almeida

Gabi was one of four people attacked by an aggressor who entered an apartment on the early morning of Saturday 6th October and stabbed four people various times with a knife. Two died, including Gabi.

The attack took place on R. das Crianças. The aggressor reportedly had had an amorous relationship with one of the victims.

The police are looking for a 36-year-old man suspected of killing two people and stabbing two others in the Novo Paraíso II neighborhood in Cuiabá. According to information passed on to the lieutenant colonel of the Military Police, Gilberto Duarte Vitório, the suspect invaded the residence at dawn on Saturday (6) and struck several knife blows against the four people.

The motive, according to the policeman, was a betrayal. "He found out that his wife was cheating on him with another woman," he said.

Also according to the police, at the scene of the crime the suspect found his wife, her lover and two other people, one being a [trans woman]. One of the victims, 22, was stabbed in the chest and died on the spot. The police do not know whether the victim was the suspect's wife.

The 21-year-old [trans woman], who was a friend of his lover, was hit with three stabs to the chest. He was rescued by an ambulance from the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) and sent to the emergency department of the capital in serious condition. This Sunday (7), however, the Homicide and Protection of Persons (DHPP) confirmed that the victim did not survive.

The other two victims were also rescued and are doing well. After the crime, the suspect fled the scene and, so far, has not yet been located by the police.

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