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Shakira Rodrigues dos Santos

Age 34

13 Oct 2012
Abreu e Lima, Pernambuco (Brazil)

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Shakira Rodrigues dos Santos

Shakira was shot in the head after an argument while drinking with friends inside a bar. After an argument she was shot into the head.

A [trans woman] known as Shakira was murdered at dawn this Saturday in a bar in the Center of Abreu e Lima, in the Metropolitan Region of Recife. [Deadname] Rodrigues dos Santos, 34, was drinking with friends when, after a disagreement, she was executed with a gunshot to the head. According to police, the victim was known for committing minor robberies in the area, prostituting herself and using drugs.

When examined by the experts, it was found that Shakira's body also had marks from other injuries. A bottle scar on the head was found near the location hit by the shot. According to witnesses, this fight took place in the same location, the Bar do Galego. The case will be investigated by the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP).

TvT project: Diario de Pernambuco, 13.10.2012

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