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(Rener) Lopes Ribeiro

Age 34

21 Nov 2012
Porto Velho, Rondônia (Brazil)

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(Rener) Lopes Ribeiro

Rener was shot dead in the street. The police suspect that she was killed by a client.

A [trans woman] identified by the name of Rener Lopes Ribeiro, 34, was shot dead on Wednesday night at Avenida Rio Madeira, in the neighborhood of Porto Porto, in Porto Velho.

According to the police, the victim was hit by two shots, one leg and one in the abdomen. Rener was even helped to the Emergency Room João Paulo II, more minutes later he could not resist the severity of his injuries and died in the operating room.

Rener did programs on Avenida Rio Madeira, near BR 364. According to witnesses, the victim was talking to a man who was on a motorcycle. Witnesses heard the shots and saw Rener on the floor calling for help.

Police believe the murder was committed by a client, but there are no suspects yet and the crime is being investigated.

TvT project: Rondoniagora/Jornal Policial, 22.11.2012 [BROKEN LINK] [BROKEN LINK]

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