TDoR 2013 / 2012 / November / 24 / Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Age 30-35

24 Nov 2012
Ciudad México (Mexico)
Run over

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Name Unknown

The victim's body was found in a mangled state on Avenida Ignacio Zaragoza after being run over by several cars.

Police suspect that she had been thrown from a moving vehicle.

Approximately at 04:30 hours this Saturday, motorists who passed by the place reported that there was a body run over by several vehicles on central lanes of the Ignacio Zaragoza Causeway, between the Prolongation of the Peripheral Canal of San Juan and Central Avenue, in the direction towards the exit to Puebla.

Police of the P 51-89 of the Oasis sector of the SSP-DF arrived a few minutes and confirmed that in the right-hand lane, next to the ridge, was the shattered body of a [trans woman] between 30 and 35 years old , with the nails painted red and dressed in women's clothing, which was wearing a white blouse and a black scarf, and according to the report of paramedics, it was appreciated that [she] was run over by several vehicles.

TvT partner organization: Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans 24H11H2012

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