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Alison Cohuo Pech

Age 26

1 Dec 2012
Cancún, Quintana Roo (Mexico)

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Alison Cohuo Pech
Alison Cohuo Pech [photo:]

Alison was tortured and stabbed more than 30 times by the "Los Pelones" criminal gang.

The now deceased was found on a dirt road in Region 511, eight meters from Nichupté Avenue and to one side of the Aguakan wastewater station in the southeast of the city. The subject was identified as Alison Cohuo Pech, approximately 26 years old, of stylistic occupation, of the state of Yucatan (a) "Allison", who was known as sex worker of the avenue Yaxchilán, Tulum and in the Supermanzana 63, same that had 62 arrests, two of them for theft.

The facts were recorded at 06:20 hours this Saturday when elements of the security agencies received a call from the emergency number 066 to verify the report of an unconscious and bloodshed woman on a dirt road in Region 511, on one side of the black water station of Aguakan and eight meters of the Nichupté avenue.

Paramedics of the Mexican Red Cross and the Municipal Police arrived to the place to confirm the report, where at first they observed the inert body of a woman reclining face down, on a pool of blood, which carried a black dress and sneakers of the same color. When approaching the body, they realised that she was a trans woman who no longer showed had signs and had a large number of injuries caused by a knife, so they immediately notified the elements of the Judicial Police of the State (PJE) and the Public Ministry of the Common Jurisdiction.

Upon their arrival, the authorities proceeded to cordon off the area to begin the investigation, where they first traveled the site in search of clues and the belongings of the subject, however, they only found the shoes and a bracelet of the now deceased. When examining the body, they noticed that at first sight the subject had at least 30 injuries caused by a knife in the chest, back and arms, while the face had strong blows and deformation, so it is presumed after of being stabbed was "crushed" with the tire of a vehicle.

At the scene judicial elements proceeded to question the neighbors and witnesses of the facts, who reported that around 05:40 a two-wheeled vehicle, red, was parked in the place in a suspicious manner which left the place at high speed. They also determined that the subject was attacked when she left a home near the scene, a house where parties are regularly celebrated, and bordered on entering the green area, where she was killed.

Alison was a stylist and sex worker. She had convictions for minor theft and drug offences, but she certainly didn't deserve to die like this.

Members of the gang who attacked her were subsequently jailed for her murder and five others.

TvT project: Noticieros Televisas, 21.12.2012

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