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Yeisi Ramirez Acosta

Age 22

3 Dec 2012
Magangué, Bolívar (Colombia)

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Yeisi Ramirez Acosta
Yeisi Ramirez Acosta [photo:]

Yeisi was stabbed 7 times in the abdomen, chest and face by a client. She died in hospital. An hour later, the police arrested Víctor York Rojas López, 28, in the Versailles neighborhood.

There are two hypotheses about motives. Some say her killer ws a client who offered her $5,000 for sex. Yeisi would have accepted and gone with the subject to the Central Cemetery of Magangué (which is used as a motel by several local sex workers, either because of lack of money to enter a motel or because they are denied entry, according to Wilson Castañeda, director of the Caribe Afirmative organization, which defends the rights of the LGBT population). Then there would have been an argument between Yeisi and her client, in which the latter ended up stabbing the trans woman.

Another version indicates that Yeisi was the receipient of a death threat from someone who had an altercation with some time ago. Supposedly, the subject offered money to a nephew to kill her, and the latter would have posed as a client to take Yeisi to a solitary place and kill her.

TvT project: El Espacio, 07.12.2012 [BROKEN LINK}

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