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Jonara Gomes dos Santos

21 Dec 2012
Nossa Senhora do Socorro, Sergipe (Brazil)

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Jonara Gomes dos Santos

Jonara was stabbed. The police arrested a suspect who confessed the murder stating that his motive was revenge .

Regarding the homicide by knife which occurred in Socorro / Se last Friday (12/21/2012), in the case of the [trans woman] JONARA ([deadname] GOMES DOS SANTOS), in the late afternoon of the same day military police took the aggressor Ronaldo Alves dos Santos, known as “Lero Lero” to the DHPP headquarters, where he was remanded after being found, shortly after the murder, with bloodstains on his clothers, and ended by confessing to being the perpetrator of the crime.

TvT project: Homofobiamata.wordpress, 21.12.2012

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