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Dalva Alves Pereira

Age 37

24 Dec 2012
Novo Gama, Goiás (Brazil)

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Dalva Alves Pereira

Dalva and her partner Camila were both decapitated in their home. After the murders the perpetrator(s) set the house on fire.

Family members reported that they had previously received death threats, and police investigated the murder as a homophobic hate crime.

A homosexual couple was beheaded and burned indoors at dawn on Monday (24) in the Pedregal, neighborhood of Novo Gama (GO), region of the Surrounding DF. The information was passed on by the 5th Regional Command of the Goiás State Military Police.

Police said 37-year-old [deadname] Alves Pereira was living with a [trans woman] identified so far only as Camila, for a year or so. Pereira's stepfather stated that neither of them had involvement with drugs, but they used to drink. On Sunday night (23), the couple had been involved in a dispute after drinking in a local bar. Pereira's mother also reported that her [daughter] had received threats from her neighbor in recent days because she was dating her husband.

On Tueday police arrested Alex Brito, Carlinda de Araújo and Diego Nogueira in Novo Gama, a city around the Federal District. The trio were apprehended after police officers received information about the whereabouts of the suspects.

At the police station the three suspects denied involvement in the crime but said they knew the couple. On Monday, a ten-year-old found a machete that may have been used in the crime. Agents took the weapon to be expert. The information comes from the 5th Regional Command of the Goiás State Military Police.

Initially, the neighbors started the fire department, believing it was just a fire, and it was the firefighters who discovered the crime on arrival, finding both bodies without their heads and charred. The incident was reported at the Integrated Operations and Security Center (Ciops), which was later called after people found both heads thrown in the middle of the street, near where the bodies were found.

TvT project: Homofobiamata.wordpress, 24.12.2012 & Myclipp info, 25.12.2012

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